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Our special relationship with New Zealand started once we arrived in Palmerston North, a small city which is about 150km from the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington. Compared with our former residence in Jakarta, which has a population of more than 10 million residents, Palmerston North which has about 75 thousand residents does not mean anything in terms of population. Very quiet and hard to find people to ask when get lost.

Living in a small city and especially away from large family initially made us feel lonely. How we missed Indonesian food such as siomay, satay, fried rice, that once we could easily buy just by waiting in front of the house in Jakarta, but the conditions was completely different here. Luckily there was Indonesian community consists of students who were studying with their families and the people of Indonesia who have been settled here, they were ready to help us whenever needed.


The most visited park by Indonesian community.
Location: Milverton Park, Palmerston North, North Island.

However, over time we began to adapt and feel the pleasure of living in Palmerston North. I could say that there was no heavy traffic jam like Jakarta. Only seven minutes to drive to my son’s school and 8 minutes drive to my wife’s campus, who was taking a PhD (S3) program. Total only about 30 minutes to dropped my son & wife and back home, then I had enough time to clean up the house and cook before heading off to work. Here we all have to do everything ourself, no housemaid like in Indonesia that are ready to cook and clean our house.


One of the activities at weekend became an assistant soccer coach for the my son’s soccer club (Ruahine AFC).
Location: Monrad Park, Palmerston North, North Island.

Our life were not only for work, campus and school, we also wanted to explore New Zealand. Starting the closest from home by walking or biking untill far away with vehicle. As a result, we all fell in love will the beauty of New Zealand, finally we had new hoby to explore nature by walking or commonly called tramping here. We went to new places that could only be reached by walking, the more we walked the more we addicted. We didn’t set up a tent or camping, just only walked from minutes to hours to go to new place and then went home. Walking was fun activity and safe money but made everybody exciting including our baby. Our baby less fussy when she was on my backpack in the nature, unless hungry or thirsty. My son would be so bored if we only spent weekend at home.

My wife and I have same hobbies, travelling and photography. During travellling in New Zealand, each of us always bring camera. However we both have a different point of view in terms of photography, I love the scenery and family photos while my wife prefers to animals or flowers. Finally we have a lot of interesting pictures about this Kiwi land. It seems a pity if we only stored our photos in personal hardrive, therefore we decided to create this website to share our experience of the natural beauty of New Zealand.


This place seems call us to visit again and again.
Location: Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook National Park, South Island.


After lunch at high altitude, time for family portrait before returning home.
Location: Deliverance Cove, Castlepoint, North Island.


Happy Wife, Happy Life,
Happy Baby, Happy Travelling.
Location: In the beginning of Lake Marian Track, Fiordland National Park, South Island.

We will continue to create new stories about our adventures in the beauty of New Zealand. We will share the pictures along with a description of its location at the following link:




If you have any questions about travelling in New Zealand, do not hesitate to contact us via facebook or email info@wisatanewzealand.com or you may fill in below form. Thanks for visiting our website Wisata New Zealand.

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