Cyling With Beloved Partner

Location: Lake Moke, Queenstown, South Island.

Just called them Jack and Jill, a lovely couple who lives in a Metropolitan Auckland, had to fly around 1555 km or 1.5 hour to Queenstown before cycling to this place. Truly, I was a little bit jealous to see them in their holiday, visiting many hidden beautiful spots cycling.

When I was a kid, I liked to push my pedals in Sumatra Island where I lived. I lived in Mata Ie, suburban of Banda Aceh. I used to have an adventure with my bike to visit the rice field then continue to the river, swimming and cleaning my bike. So if I see people cycling, I miss the moment when I was still a kid. But I could not do it any more because I do not want to enjoy it alone. Walking in nature is good enough for me because I could do it will my family including my baby.

This article is edited by my son, Arsa Nitisara Fathin

Kategori: Googlemaps EN, below this map is the place where we took above images.


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